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Speaking of Love

Speaking of Love - Positive and Uplifting Short Stories and Poems about Romance, Marriage and True Love



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Speaking of Love - positive and uplifting short stories and poems about Romance, Marriage and True Love.

IF you're in love with love, then join the club - everyone who wants a brighter day and a brighter world belongs to the exact same club and we're all looking for ways to make our hearts sing and our eyes shine.

LUCKY for us, Speaking for Love manages to do both. Give yourself, or someone you care about, a real treat and read Speaking of Love now. You deserve it. You deserve to feel wonderful. You deserve to feel wonderful right now.

Paperback - $21.95 USD
plus $4 USD p&h worldwide

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Love makes the world go round and it makes the journey worthwhile.

Have you ever felt your heart swell with love?

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight or first conversation?

OR have you felt love grow over time until, one day,
it slowly dawns on you that you are completely, deeply in love?

Or are you still waiting for that special person, the right one, to come into your life
and show you what all this love stuff is really about?

It doesn't matter whether you're still preparing for the love of your life, or if you're about to marry that special someone or if you've been together all your lives and that glorious person still makes your toes tingle, love is always the most special and joyous of emotions any of us can feel. And we, and everyone we care about, deserves to feel loved and loving every moment. It makes us all much better people and makes the world a much happier place to reside in.

But sometimes we need a little help to have that loving feeling thrilling through our minds and bodies so if you'd like an easy and entertaining way to feel good right now, we have the answer.

"I felt happy and uplifted. It also made me feel optimistic."
Harry H.   United Kingdom

“Speaking of Love” is a joyous anthology of short stories and poems celebrating the wonder of true love and it's a very relaxing, easy read - the perfect coffee break companion, or snuggle, comfy, cosy friend to take to bed or a wonderful ally against loneliness and a comrade to combat a cold world's cynicism or ..., well, you get the idea.

When you feel happy, you draw happiness to you.

“Speaking of Love” is brimming over with enough happiness to fill your day, your night, your weekend or your holiday.

"I really enjoyed reading it, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside."
Kristen M.   Australia

"The book arrived in the mail just today!  It is gorgeous though now very well thumbed through!"
Lisa F.   U
nited States

Love is an everyday miracle

From all over the world, writers and poets celebrate the very real, everyday miracle of romantic love. Read a little each day to give your life that added sparkle, or gobble it all down in one sumptuously satisfying feast.

"Sweet and uplifting! Bravo!"
Liss A.   United States

"The book is simply lovely! Thank you"
Pat T.   United States

"I'm enjoying the different writing styles and expressions of writers ... It's a delightful mix of stories, poems and quotes. Marvellous book"
Kerry W.   Australia


Speaking of Love - positive and uplifting short stories and poems about Romance, Marriage and True Love

$21.95 USD plus p&h


Read about: 

  • The newlyweds who find miracles and angels in their new home
  • The city girl whose broken heart is healed in a sleepy seaside town
  • A couple of special dogs who lead their antagonistic owners into romance
  • The lawyer who learns there’s more to life than winning an argument
  • How true love turns a tough life into a promising new start for a young married couple
  • The lonely witch who discovers that love is really the greatest magic of all
  • The man who sees beyond appearances to recognise his true soul mate
  • A husband and wife and the most wonderful of gifts
  • and much, much more!

    17 uplifting, satisfying stories, 11 powerful poems, 19 quotable quotes, 13 original illustrations - there really is something for everyone.

Welcome to the World of Love

Our team of talented authors and poets are men and women of all ages, from different cultures and upbringings who have joined forces to bring their combined belief in the beneficial effects of true love to the pages of Speaking of Love. They know, you know, we all know that, in the universe of today, far too many people belittle love between two people, even though love is the basis of all happiness and love between two people is, most definitely, the grandest adventure life has to give. They know what all lovers of love know - they know it is time for us all to be proud of our joy in the goodness of life, it's time to tell the stories and poems that pour light onto the best of all feelings so that we can feel good whenever we read them.

Speaking of Love tells us stories of goodness and passion, of give and take, of acceptance and understanding. They give us poems that tunnel deep into our hearts and plant a star to guide us through our darkest thoughts. They give us love.

Meet Our Writers and Poets

Each and every one of our writers and poets is pleasure to know as well as being very talented. It's very possible that one of them might live near you or at least live in the same town, city, state or country as you do. Say "Hullo, well done" if ever you see them. Remember, we're all part of the same club - people who believe in love.

RYAN BURDEN - South Carolina, U.S.A.

Ryan believes that "love is, in fact, the answer.  It is both the hope and the fulfilment; the ellipsis at the beginning and end of the sentence of life".

NEVA CHAN-ALGIE - Victoria, Australia

Neva's characters face the hardships of life with truth, compassion and ever growing belief in the endless possibilities that love and hope can bring.

TRES CROW - Georgia, U.S.A

The two people he loves most in the world are his wife and son. Tres is also the author of the blog Dog Eat Crow World. He can be found online at (

DION J CROWE - Queensland, Australia (born N.Z.)

Dion won the Literatures Little Brother Short Story Competition, as well as having numerous short stories published in a writer’s group magazine. He was also the first to be profiled for the magazine and the first to be commissioned to write a short story for an online 3D chat community.

PAUL CURTIS - Surrey, England, U.K.

Paul is a prolific and wonderfully romantic writer and poet who is "optimistically middle aged, in so much that I know that well over half my life has gone but I'm still optimistic". 

LARISSA DAVISSON FARRELL - New South Wales, Australia

Larissa’s inspiration comes from everyday moments in life. She feels very fortunate to have found a muse that inspires her daily to be a better writer and a more complete and compassionate person, and it is for him that she feels her words have resonance. She believes in Santa Claus, a good red wine and the eventual possibility of world peace.


Erik believes that "poetry is an ultimate expression, an eternal smile. ... poetry picks you up in understanding and drops you off in possibility." He can be found online at

LISA FISK - Arizona, U.S.A

Lisa believes “The twist with a touch of humor is the best part of any short story.” When she was six years old, Lisa Fisk was asked by her kindergarten teacher, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Lisa answered, "Fairy Godmother as all  Fairy Godmothers worked to improve the life of those around them. (And the clothes weren’t too bad either.)"

NORMA JEAN KAWAK - Queensland, Australia (born Manchester, England, U.K.)

Norma has been running one support group or another for women since 1973.  She strongly believes the pen is mightier than the sword and endeavours to use her creative talents to fight injustice. "I can only say that I get terrible urges to 'say' something that will not be satisfied until I say it on paper. Writing is therapy for me."

KERRY LOWN WHALEN - Queensland, Australia

Kerry is a true romantic, delighting in stories with "happy ever after" endings. She has her own personal "happy ever after" with her husband and two children. Her stories always bring a smile to our faces. “The people and events I’d encountered in life became the characters and plots of my stories.”

BARBARA ANN LLEWELLYN Queensland, Australia

Barbara is the compiler, editor and publisher of Speaking of Love as well as having contributed 2 of the stories in the book. She is a great believer in the power of love and in the power of the spoken words. She says “a story or poem that touches the heart and mind stays there for a long time – if it leaves you with a good feeling, then that good feeling will stay with you for a long time, possibly forever – that’s a very powerful gift to bestow on anyone.”

REBEKAH LYELL - South Island, New Zealand.

Rebekah is a journalist, photographer and primary school teacher. She hopes to instil a love of the written word in future generations. She feels that the environment inspires her work – the lush rainforest, deserted beaches and stunning sunsets. “Most of my stories evolve from a moment in my life and incorporate both Maori and English ideals.”

ALISON PEARCE  - Queensland, Australia

Alison finds inspiration for her work all around, believing that even the most transient of encounters has the potential for deeper insight into the human experience. She is a mother of four and formerly worked as an English and Maths tutor but, after suffering a long-term illness, she decided to turn her efforts towards the writing career she had always dreamed of. Since 2006, she has won seven awards for her short stories and two for her poetry.


Steve and Sharon have been married for over 31 years and their love has given birth to three beautiful daughters, Emily, Sally and Katy. He is also a very proud grandfather. Understandably, love is a great inspiration for Steve’s poetry. He likes to read lots of poetry, watch movies, spend time with his family, play with his dog, sailboat, ice skate, swim, walk on moonlit shores and work with his hands.

JASON STURNER - Illinois, U.S.A.

Jason has published four books of poetry: Kairos, 10 Love Poems, Selected Poems 2004-2007, and Collected Poems (all are available as free downloads at his website, He also works as a botanist at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle.

PAT TYRER - Texas, U.S.A.

Pat is a writer, feminist, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and Associate Professor of American Literature at West Texas A&M University where she teaches American Literature, Film Studies, and Creative Writing and serves as the Faculty Advisor for The Legacy, WT’s creative writing journal. Pat has published in The Southern Literary Journal, The Houston Literary Review, Quiet Mountain Feminist Essays, and The Journal of the College Conference of Teachers of English. Visit her website at

TYLER VINAL - New York, U.S.A.

Tyler is an exceptionally talented young man recognised for his writing abilities throughout his school years and who, we predict, will be a true power in the world of creativity. He also plans to join the field of environmental law and is currently an active member of the Pro Bono Society, providing legal services for persons in need.

TONY WILLIAMS - Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Tony is a short fiction writer and poet whose great love is writing. "I consider it a joy to write and a compulsion to create, so I write for both myself and my audience.”

JIM WISNESKI - Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Jim Wisneski is an author, musician, and poet living in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.  He is currently working on his second novel. To see some of Jim's writings visit To hear Jim's newest album titled THE WORDS, visit


Speaking of Love - positive and uplifting short stories and poems about Romance, Marriage and True Love


$21.95 USD plus p&h



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