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The Second Trigger

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The Second Trigger

All of us are conditioned to keep a series of emotional triggers - which is why people and events can trigger our emotional buttons.  The Second Trigger is our own personal release from all of these buttons.  With regular use, you will soon remember that you can choose a positive response, not a knee-jerk negative response, every time life (or someone in your life) "pushes your buttons". 

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The Second Trigger Booster
An amazingly effective mental booster that not only reaffirms the supremacy of your Second Trigger, but also leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Power, Self Esteem and Confidence - with the flick of mental switch

Are Emotional triggers controlling your life?

Everyone of us is packed full of emotional triggers.  A word, a look, a smell, anything can set them off.

Unfortunately, most of these triggers are negative ("You idiot", "Why did you do that, fool", "You’re ugly, fat, stupid, etc", "I can’t ", "I’m a failure" and the list goes on and on).

Everything we do has an emotional trigger. No matter how much you wish your thoughts and actions were guided by pure logic and reason, it is far more likely that your emotions are actually the underlying cause for everything you do, think and say.

When You want to be in control, it’s time to use The Second Trigger.

Our minds are overcrowded with emotional triggers, switching on without our permission and, very often, without our awareness of their presence. 

Emotional triggers can ruin your life.  Everyone has emotional triggers that can dominate and ruin their life ...  But Now you can regain control with The Second Trigger.

Don't Let Other People Ruin Your Day

Your day started well but then your spouse said or did something that annoyed you and “bam” an emotional trigger has already ensured you are upset.  Then you hear something on the radio that really angers you … or the kids behave in such a way that you find yourself controlling a silent seethe.  Every minute you are awake, and even inside your nightly dreams, your mind is turning your emotional triggers on and off, leaving you exhausted and stressed. 

Your boss sends you an abrupt email, your customer is rude to you, your family doesn’t understand you, your friends forgot to say something nice … and you’re left carrying a lifetime of emotional baggage that does nothing but weigh you down and deplete your optional enjoyment of any and everything.

When you want your emotional triggers to stop ruining your life, it’s time to use The Second Trigger.

Is it Time to Grow up?

Emotional triggers were created during your childhood before you were in control of your life and now those same emotional triggers are still controlling you. 

As a child, your individuality with its total freedom of thought, feeling and imagination was “trimmed down” to “acceptable” standards by whatever culture you grew up in. This trimming of your emotional responses was usually achieved through taunting, punishment, humiliation, shame and disapproval.

To a child, survival and acceptance are one and the same thing, so you and all of us decided that our “unacceptable” thoughts and feelings needed to be buried deep inside of us where no one could see them.

You were taught certain thoughts and most feelings were “bad” and “unacceptable” and “deserved punishment” so you tried to make them disappear.  But your thoughts and feelings are a natural part of the individual who is uniquely “You” and the deeper your emotions are hidden, the stronger they become.

You have been caught in a dilemma

You have been caught in a dilemma - no-one wants to be considered bad and unacceptable so, rather than expose yourself to outside control, you and all of us created strong, inner emotional triggers to set off our own internalised punishment.  You decided that “controlling” yourself with the same sort of anger, humiliating remarks, taunting comments and general sense of disapproval and disappointment that was so effective for your initial teachers would somehow make you “acceptable”, and maybe even loved.

Who is Pushing Your Buttons?

We all have many emotional triggers, courtesy of our childhood, and every one of them allows people and events to "push our buttons" so that we sometimes respond in ways that we really wish we didn't.  If you've ever felt someone's words or actions make you instantly angry, frightened or upset, you have just had someone trip one of your emotional triggers.

With the help of The Second Trigger you can take back control of your life and your reactions so that you are always aware that "you have a choice" to decide how you will react.  Don't let your days be dominated by your past.  Get your Second Trigger now.

The Second Trigger revitalises your world by establishing a conscious awareness in your subconscious responses.  Don’t let your past turn you into someone you don’t want to be.  Through the simple, yet powerful, positive visualisations contained in The Second Trigger, you will learn to make your own decisions based on the facts, including knowledge of how your negative inhibitors are trying to turn you away from your most beneficial responses.

The Master Switch

You can create a master switch in your own mind that will override every hidden trigger and inform you whenever your emotional triggers are trying to take control over you.  You can listen to The Second Trigger and learn that “You have a choice” to accept a beneficial emotional trigger or negate any negative emotional trigger.  You can take back control of your life.  You can choose to be peaceful, powerful and happy.

Don’t let strangers determine how you will react.  Don’t let the most negative statements and actions from your childhood manipulate your adult life.  Be who you want to be.  Live the life you want to live and start doing it NOW by listening to The Second Trigger and ensuring your mind belongs to you and not your emotional triggers.

Purchase the CD - $12.35 USD plus p&h

International delivery

Australia delivery

Purchase the Audio Download - $8.95 USD

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