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Parenting Myself / My Spiritual Home

CD - $17.65 USD (plus p&h)

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Do you feel as though something is missing in your life?

When will you feel loved enough to feel safe and adored?

The answer is now!  Now is the time to take charge and change your life completely.

Loving yourself is essential to a good life

In less than 30 minutes a day, you can learn to love yourself unconditionally.  You can take care of yourself the way you need to.  With Parenting Myself and My Spiritual Home to guide you, you will always have quick access to your most nurturing and inspirational aspects.  You now have the tools to
be the best person you can be.

There is only one human being in the entire world who can love us as completely as we need to be loved.  It’s not our mother or our father, our spouse or lover, our children or our friends.  There is only one human being in the entire world who can love us as completely as we need to be loved and that one person is our own self. 

Yes, you need to start loving you before all the good can start!

The Good News and the Bad News

It’s one of those good news and bad news sort of facts.  The wonderful news is that being loved does not depend on anyone else besides our own self.  The frightening news is that we will never know how it truly feels to be loved by anyone until we have learned how to love ourselves unconditionally.

And the bad news doesn’t stop there!  Until we have learned how to love ourselves unconditionally, we will never know how it feels to completely love another human.  We will never be capable of giving another human being all the love they truly deserve until we love ourselves unconditionally.

Unconditional Love

It is an extremely simple lesson – start loving yourself unconditionally now and all good will naturally flow to you and through you to others.  Pity it’s not as easy as it is simple.  Many would agree that Learning to Love Yourself 101 is one of the most difficult lessons of all.  It’s not because you don’t try hard enough.  It’s not because you’re not worthy.  You are supremely worthy.  You deserve all the love there is and then some.

So what’s the problem?  Why is it so hard to do exactly what we were meant to do in the first place?  We come into this world ready to give and receive all the love there is but the world and all our caretakers just won't play along.  Does that make our problems their fault?

Is it their fault?

Unfortunately the world’s various cultures are, more often than not, unable to accept or give a never-ending flow of unconditional love.  Conditions always seem to apply … and that isn’t unconditional love!  Even if you were fortunate enough to have been born to the most perfect parents that ever existed, you are still left with the undeniable fact that both your mother and father were human and prone to human reactions to their environment … and let's face it … the world has a lot to learn about unconditional love.

The truth is, of course, that most people were not born to perfect parents.  It’s a rare person indeed who does not admit to coming from a dysfunctional family … and they’re most probably lying or in denial.  A large percentage of the world’s population don’t even have “good enough” parents but are instead fated to grow up with abusive and selfish caretakers.

Please … can I have some more Love?

A remarkably large amount of the world’s population has the misfortune to feel emotionally undernourished.  Most of us trace this sense of being unloved and unlovable back to our childhoods and our parents.  Is it their fault or their parents before them that we are grown into the belief that somehow, for whatever reason, we are unlovable.  Does it even matter?  The point of our lives is not to dish blame but to grow and be the best we can be with what we’ve got.  And what we’ve got can make us feel horrible!

And here we are – back at the good news/bad news.  There’s only one person who can change what we are experiencing and that one person is undeniably our own self.

Not only do we have to love ourselves unconditionally, we have take the responsibility in learning how to love ourselves unconditionally!

There is no way we can change this past – what has happened has already happened – but that does not mean we are defeated.  It does not mean we can never change who we are.  We are all powerful when it comes to making ourselves who we really want to be.  Thank goodness, we have the power to learn to love ourselves unconditionally.  We have the power to change our negative feelings and thoughts into positive feelings and thoughts.  We have the power to create the future we want rather than the future we fear.  We are all powerful when it comes to being who we want to be. 

Total Control

We can take total control over how we feel about ourselves and how we perceive, and will, perceive ourselves.  We can become the perfect parents we never knew, living in the perfect eternally nurturing environment for our emotional and spiritual growth.

So what are you waiting for?  Do you want to continue feeling less than you are meant to be?  Or do want to take total control and become the true you that rejoices in every moment, every situation, simply because you are so sure of being loved and adored by the one person who really, ultimately counts – You!

When you are ready to let go of self-denigration and self-hate then it is time to experience Parenting Myself and My Spiritual Home.  It is time to start loving the most important person in the whole world – yourself – and start having a wonderful life Now!

You are not alone!

You are not weird or strange or just plain unlucky.  Most, if not all, people on this earth are born into dysfunctional families.  This is not a completely bad thing – sometimes a bit of chaos gives a child insight and understanding of the dysfunctional world in which we live.  Parents are only human and sometimes they get grumpy or argue or drink too much or tell “white lies” or display weakness or get sick or demand that their own ideas of existence be treated as sacrosanct.  It is “normal” for them not to know exactly how best to treat you.  Chances are they had some pretty appalling parenting too!

Break the cycle

Thank goodness, you now have a way to become a much better parent than either your Mum and Dad ever where.  No disrespect is meant to your parents by either me or you, but isn’t it time the negative messages stopped?  Now you have access to the tools that will bring you perfect spiritual parenting, isn’t it time you used them?  Not just for your own sake but for the children you bring into the world?

Remember that it is highly likely that your parents weren’t mothered and fathered in the way that made them feel completely fine about themselves either.  Don’t make the same mistakes!  It’s time to be good to you.  It’s time to start loving you as completely as you can be loved. 

Abuse survivors

If you are survivor of any form of childhood abuse (emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and/or sexual, the ultimate betrayal) you will have an almost overwhelming need to create loving, safe caretakers for your inner child.  This is a very sane and sensible desire.  You deserve completely trustworthy caretakers.  You deserve to know that you can look after yourself in all circumstances and that you will never behave like a victim ever again.  That is your right! 

It is your right to completely trust yourself.  It is your right to ensure that you grow into a completely trustworthy and valiant emotional and spiritual warrior.

If you are a survivor of severe abuse you will be needing a way to help yourself through all the horror, all the outrageously cruel messages and flashbacks, through the constant fear, out into the belief that it is possible for you to have a happy life.  This can only truly be accomplished after you have ensured yourself of total safety and security – the sort of safety and security found within the loving home of totally loving parents. 

Do it Now! 

Take the necessary steps into safety now.  Visit your spiritual parents and your spiritual home every day and learn the joy and peace of being completely protected at the most intimate and vulnerable level.  Start experiencing Parenting Myself and My Spiritual Home as soon as possible and make it the habit that reinvents your life.

Who better?

The safest responsible adult to care for your inner child is your true self who is free from all fear, regret and anger.  This future healthy you is visualised as two people - your masculine and feminine aspects – the future you who has completely integrated these two vital elements of yourself.  Every completely healthy person maintains a balanced understanding of these intimate aspects of themselves.   It is the natural reality of a truly healthy human.  These masculine and feminine aspects of your true self create the perfect Mother and Father for your present self.  They become your Spiritual parents who are there whenever needed - always loving and respecting you, their child. 

Are you ready to be loved NOW!

If you’re ready to be loved then you need to establish caring parents into your inner reality.  The fact that both of these parents are really different aspects of our own selves works well when it comes to caring for our inner child (another aspect of our inner self).   You are the only one who really understands your inner child.   You need to be the one who shows your inner child that someone, the most important person of all, really cares.

Parenting Myself and My Spiritual Home are positive visualisation/meditations that gently return you to a sacred place and time where you can converse with the highest and truest aspects of yourself.  This is your perfect “alone time” revitalising you while ensuring you feel loved and protected.  Listen to them everyday for improved mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Parenting Myself introduces you to the unconditional love of these adoring caretakers, taking you from your birth into the joy and love of your true spiritual parent’s home which is your eternal home, with everything you want and need surrounding you.

My Spiritual Home takes you back to the one place in your heart and mind where no-one is allowed but yourself and your Spiritual Parents (the feminine and male aspects of your true self) and gives you much needed to time to converse with a Mum and Dad who have only your very best interests at heart.

Parenting Myself and My Spiritual Home give you time to play and rest in a land that belongs to you with everything you could ever want waiting to bring you joy.

You can purchase these two powerful guided visualisations separately as individual audio download files for just $8.95
USD each or together on the one CD for $17.65 USD.

Start the love now – experience Parenting Myself and My Spiritual Home.

Purchase the CD - $17.65 USD (plus p&h)

International Delivery

Australia Delivery

Purchase an Audio Download - $8.95 USD each

"Parenting Myself"

"My Spiritual Home"

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