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Breathing Deeply CD Cover

How to use this CD program

  1. Choose the meditation suiting your ability and your timeframe.

  2. Each Breathing Deeply meditation requires your total attention.  Do NOT drive or use heavy machinery while listening to these exercises.

  3. Lie, or sit in a straight-backed and relaxed position, with all limbs uncrossed.

  1. Relax and enjoy your time of breathing deeply.

  2. Your Breathing Deeply meditation needs to be practised regularly - at least once a day.  The more practise, the more benefits.

Continuous Breathing Deeply

The Continuous Breathing Deeply tracks may be used as a background reminder, enabling you to consistently recall and reinstate your correct breathing pattern.  Simply select the "Repeat" function on your CD player to loop the breathing pattern of your choice.

To breathe correctly, imagine there is a balloon all around the base of your ribs.

Each time you breathe in, imagine you are filling this balloon.  The more air you inhale, the more the balloon inflates.  If you place your hands lightly at the base of your ribs you will feel the repeated expansion and contraction of your diaphragm and abdominal muscles, assisting you to take a full breath.

To enable yourself to breathe in an ever-fuller manner, simply imagine you are breathing further down into your body.  Imagine the air reaching down into your stomach, your hips, all the way down into your feet, and even past your feet into your aura.  Visualising a pump in these areas - pulling the air into that space and pushing it out again - can be very beneficial.

If you are feeling unwell, imagine your breath going to the area of distress, flooding it with air, then imagine all the air and toxins and distress being released from your body with your out-breath.

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