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Breathing Deeply

Breathing Deeply CD for good health, happiness and self esteem

CD - $17.65 USD ( plus p&h)

Breathing Deeply promotes vibrant good health, self-esteem, confidence, mental alertness, focus, relaxation, happiness, calmness, a positive attitude and a greater sense of purpose.

Change Your Life by Changing Your Breathing

Are you happy or depressed?  Are you relaxed or stressed?

Are you overflowing with confidence and self esteem or are you frightened by life and all your problems?

Improve your Breathing - Improve your Life!

Happiness, self esteem and good health are all connected to the way we breathe.

Shallow breathing is detrimental to your health!

Shallow breathing is known to be a major factor in fatigue, depression, anxiety, and an endless stream of other physical, mental, and emotional problems.  Most people are shallow breathers, unknowingly sabotaging their own well-being by how little air they are supplying to their lungs, and therefore to their entire being.

Do you want to take control of your life, your health, and your feelings?

Breathing Deeply is Nature's simple, yet powerfully effective tool to help you achieve greater HEALTH, HAPPINESS, RELAXATION and SELF ESTEEM.

It's Only Natural  

Most people are born with the natural ability to breathe to their lung's full capacity, but unfortunately every year of life adds more and more restrictions to this natural process.  

Shallow Breathing is the most damaging of all bad habits.

We are what and how we breathe.  If you are not breathing deeply then you are not allowing yourself to be all you could be, and you are allowing an ever increasing amount of toxins to debilitate your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Why do so many people breathe in this negative and unhealthy manner?

Fear, anger, grief, and the limited way our cultures allow you to display any and all emotions has literally taken the breath out of you.  Every time you have had to hold your feelings and thoughts tightly inside yourself, you have most probably been like everyone else and also held your breath, creating a false pattern of shallow intakes and outlets of air.  Over the years this has created a consistent unnatural, and unhealthy breathing pattern.  It happened slowly and over many years, but like any bad habit, this negative breathing pattern is now deeply embedded in your physiology.  It is damaging your mental, emotional and physical health, but it feels "normal", so it's been allowed to continue and harm you ... every minute of every day.

Can't I just start breathing deeply without any help?

It is not easy to break any bad habit, and shallow breathing is believed by many to be the worst habit of all.  Shallow breathing, and its accompanying negative thoughts have been deeply embedded in your psyche, and, like any bad habit, is unlikely to let go simply because you'd like it to.

It can be frustratingly difficult to  change your breathing pattern all on your own.  Your intentions may be pure, and your self-discipline extraordinary but, if you're like the rest of the population, you will still find yourself starting your deep breathing with, perhaps a decision to do at least 10 minutes of concentrated deep breathing - but something always happens ... our mind, or some outside influence, distracts us ... and we give up!

We promise we'll do better next time ...  but we don't, and pretty soon we stop trying, because we don't feel good about not succeeding and "I'm already breathing, so what does it matter?"

Giving up, and denigrating our need to change is a perfectly natural reaction to any form of exercise we feel is too difficult for us to achieve on our own.  But luckily, you are no longer on your own.  With your Breathing Deeply CD, you now have your own personal coach to guide you out of stagnant shallow breathing into full lungs, and a full life.

Purchase the CD - $17.65 USD

International Delivery

Australia Delivery

Your Own Personal Coach

Your Breathing Deeply CD begins your retraining into good health and happiness with 10 minutes of deep breathing starting at a count of breathing in for 3 and out for 5, building to a count of breathing in for 7 and breathing out for 10.  It's easy to breathe deeply when someone is helping you whenever you desire to practise this revitalising exercise.

Become comfortable with your daily 10 minute deep breathing exercise, and its accompanying beginners bonus reminding you to simply breathe in and breathe out that you can listen to all the time.  It is then time to move on to the intermediate level and 15 minutes of increasing deep breaths, coupled with your bonus intermediate continuous breathing track.  When you feel you have progressed enough, it's time to listen to a full 30 minutes of slowly rebuilding your natural skill, with its companion bonus advanced continuous breathing track.

Practising Deep Breathing is now easy.

Listen to a Breathing Deeply exercise every day, and slowly and surely exercise your lungs back into shape.  Play the bonus coaching tracks that regulate your breathing pattern throughout the day to ensure that you are consistently reminded to breathe in the manner beneficial to your health and happiness.  Breathe in deep rich lungfuls of air, then breathe out the harmful toxins fermenting in the bottom of your lungs.  Watch your confidence and self-esteem grow, as your breathing returns to the way it was always meant to be.

Hearts Attacks & Depression

Studies around the world have shown deep breathing can make a remarkable difference to anyone recovering from problems as far-ranging as heart attacks to depression.  It also ensures a healthy skin, and a younger look and attitude.  And apart from the purchase of this powerful CD, these miracles are free to you.

Imagine how good you'll feel about yourself as you watch your vitality and self confidence grow.  Imagine how wonderful it will feel to be able to rid yourself of small and niggling physical and mental complaints by merely learning to breathe deeply into them.

Revitalise, rejuvenate and invigorate 

Revitalise, rejuvenate and invigorate your mind, body and spirit with the consistent gentle coaching of your Breathing Deeply CD.  Choose from the Introductory 10-minute refresher, the Intermediate 15-minute relaxer, or the 30-minute Advanced energiser - PLUS the 3 bonus Continuous deep breathing tracks designed for background use throughout your day and evening.

What are you waiting for? 

The sooner you start breathing deeply and well, the sooner your life will improve.

   Perform at your peak.

   Eliminate harmful toxins from the body.

   Ease headaches, tension, stress, asthma, circulatory problems, heart conditions and many more physical concerns.

   Build self esteem and happiness.

Live a happier, healthier life now, by using this simple, yet powerful CD.  Enjoy!

Purchase the CD - $17.65 USD

International Delivery

Australia Delivery

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