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 My Place of Tranquillity


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Deep Relaxation


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"My Place of
Tranquillity" + the
Short Relaxation
$8.95 USD

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My Place of Tranquillity / Deep Relaxation

CD - $17.65 USD (plus p&h)

Audio Download - $8.95 USD 

Relax and revitalise your mind, body and spirit.

Conquer the stresses of daily life with this soothing CD containing 5 gentle, guided visualisations.

Deep Relaxation is acclaimed as the answer to everyday stress.  It is also recognised as a highly effective accompaniment to healing many medical concerns.

Deep Relaxation decreases muscle tension and blood pressure, as healing Alpha waves replace the brain's Beta wave chatter.  The relaxation response can bring peace and calm into your hectic world, helping you to achieve self-assurance and inner-balance.

Help ease the problems of back pain, depression, anxiety, grief, headaches, insomnia, anger, panic, burnout, and a multitude of other family, medical and work-related stresses.

My Place of Tranquillity gently guides you to a sanctuary within your own mind where body and soul are uplifted and refreshed.  It is a haven and an oasis, providing a regular escape from daily pressures and concerns.

Regular practise of Deep Relaxation and My Place of Tranquillity is self-empowering and life enriching.  Five separate relaxation experiences are featured on this CD enabling you to choose from over 70 minutes of tranquil and relaxing music and voice, ranging from a 9 minute refresher to over 18 minutes of pre-sleep bliss.

These tracks feature the soothing, nurturing voice of Australian author and actress Barbara Llewellyn, who navigates you to your special place where you are rejuvenated and revitalised.

Also available is a 17 minute, digital audio download file of My Place of Tranquillity (including a short Deep Relaxation) for $8.95 USD.  Now you can burn a copy to CD, or to your MP3 player for immediate relaxation, anywhere, anytime.

Purchase the CD - $17.65 USD plus p&h

International delivery

Australia delivery

Purchase the Audio Download - $8.95 USD

"My Place of Tranquillity"
+ Short Relaxation

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