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Bright Light Multimedia is accepting submissions.

We are seeking to establish a family of exciting, positive, uplifting and humorous writers and artists and other creators.  If your work is chosen to be showcased at our online entertainment centre - The Bright Light Café - it will also be considered for future commercial releases with Bright Light Multimedia.

Bright Light Multimedia is a publishing house and a multimedia centre dedicated to bringing an ever-growing library of entertaining and uplifting creative content to the widest possible audience.

We want to promote the amazing creative abilities we know so many of you possess.  We are in an age of change.  We want you, and your creative talents, and your positive vision, to help us make this a change for the better.

Creative Content

We are interested in showcasing:

  • Short stories (true or fictional)

  • Poems (humorous and endearing)

  • Articles

  • Audio Scripts (max. length 3 mins)

  • Art

  • Photos

  • Animations

  • Multi-media productions

The Bright Light Café also accepts submissions for:

  • Anecdotes

  • Good News

The major criteria for submissions to Bright Light Multimedia and The Bright Light Café, is a positive focus.  We want our/your audience to feel uplifted and empowered by our/your creative talents.

All submissions must be ultimately heart-warming and positive.  Positive does not always mean a happy ending, but it does mean a fulfilling ending for the reader.

Guidelines are in place for each form of creative submission.  Please give yourself a chance to be showcased, by reading and following all guidelines.  

Good luck!


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