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The ability to breathe
 deeply and well, is a
 necessity for any
 successful performer.
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Do you want the chance to be seen and heard?

Do you want your talent showcased to a global audience?

Do you want to be famous?

The Bright Light Café appeals to an intelligent, peaceful, positive and creative global community.  If you would like the chance to showcase your talent to this vast audience, then appearing at The Bright Light Café might be your answer.

The Bright Light Café is an online entertainment centre, presenting a free library of articles, stories, poems, anecdotes, meditations and quotes … and much more.  Amongst its objectives is the desire to broadcast all forms of positive creativity, by showcasing the best talent we can find and by cross-pollinating the various art forms with one another.  Our vision shows how this can help you and your talent.

The Creative Directors of The Bright Light Café know how hard it can be for the creative community to be heard and seen.  We are hoping to help remedy this restriction by giving the best of the talent submitted to us an immediate opportunity for recognition.

Of course, we cannot promise anything.  Being showcased at The Bright Light Café is merely an opportunity to be seen and heard by a worldwide audience.  Your talent will need to do the rest.

Our parent company, Bright Light Multimedia, will also be monitoring all successful submissions, looking for the best artists for upcoming commercial ventures.

Please read and follow the Audition Guidelines for your chance to be showcased at The Bright Light Café.  We look forward to hearing from you, and we wish you the very best of luck.  Chookas!

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