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Presenting the Bright Light Family of Talent

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The Bright Light Café is proud to present the shining talents and the potential brilliant futures of our growing creative family.

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Featured Talent

You are about to meet the most successful and prolific members of the Bright Light Café family of talent.

Daniel Gbemi Akinlolu        Ravi Bedi        Wilfredo Ropelos Bongcaron        Rachelle Arlin Credo 

Paul Curtis        Shanu Goyal        Oritsegbemi Jakpa        Norma Jean Kawak        Ray Malus 

Denise Marshall        Theresa C. Newbill        Mark O'Hara        Carl Palmer        Stephen Pray 

Jason Sturner        Shelly Wiseberg        Geoff Weilert 

B. A. Llewellyn

Not being able to find a safe, happy, uplifting and performance based website, Barbara Ann Llewellyn decided there was a need for such a haven.  She conceived of the café and donates much of her time to bringing this free, positive, inspiring and vastly entertaining sanctuary to life.  She also supplies her professional voice talents free-of-charge to many of the creative pieces successfully contributed to the Bright Light Café.

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