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Introducing Bright Light Cafe Featured Talent - Stephen Pray
Introducing Stephen Pray

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The Bright Light Café Presents ...

Stephen Pray

Biography     Interview     Photos     Performance     Poems

Denise Marshall

Stephen Pray was born in Portland, Maine, and grew up in the little town of Windham where he graduated high school.  Even in those early years Steve was writing poetry, and his school librarian predicted that one day she would see his work in print.

Stephen went into the Air Force in 1969 as a security policeman and was first stationed at Wheelus AFB in Libya.  He then went to RAF Mildenhall, England, and met his future wife, Sharon, in near-by Cambridge.

Steve and Sharon have been married for over 31 years and their love has given birth to three beautiful daughters. Their youngest child is Emily, who is a 23-year-old music major with hopes of teaching K-12.  Middle child is Sally, who is becoming a child psychologist.  First-born is Katy, who is wife to Brad and mother to Liam.  Steve is proud of all his daughters’ accomplishments and he is very proud of his wonderful grandson. 

Understandably, love is a great inspiration for Steve’s poetry.

Stephen roamed the world for 23 years with his wife and growing family, and the American Air Force, before retiring to Dayton, Ohio in the U.S.A.  

Stephen is a voracious reader of science fiction with over 4,000 books in his collection.  He would like to take up sailing. He likes to watch movies, read lots of poetry, spend time with his family, and play with his dog, “Freckles”.

From Stephen:

"My wife is a four year cancer survivor and the poem “Cancer” was written during that awful time. Most of my poetry comes from personal experience or memories.

I am finally on the rebound after three years of migraines, the new medications has made me feel like a new person and, although my sense of humor never wavered, it too has come back with a new bounce. 

"I hope to continue writing, and for all of you to continue reading and enjoying my poetry here at Bright Light Cafe.”

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Gary Mercer

Bright Light Cafe Featured Talent - Stephen Pray

Stephen Pray
Husband, Father and Poet

   Gary Mercer

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