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Prepare to cry and laugh out loud and feel good all over with "Letters to Michael"

Letters to Michael
(A visionary novel)

Mother and son are
both hit by lightning,
and die. Kate must
return to life and her
 grieving family, but
 she refuses to leave
 without her child.
What can heaven do?

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Deep Relaxation & My Place of Tranquillity CD

Conquer Stress
Deep Relaxation
and your own inner
Place of Tranquillity

- Audio sample -

My Place of Tranquillity

- Audio sample - 

Deep Relaxation

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Breathing Deeply CD - your own personal coach

Breathing Deeply
is the natural and simple path to happiness.
Breathing Deeply

promotes confidence,
and good health.

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Presenting the Bright Light Family of Talent


Taylor Dean             Sky Kirkham             Jim Wisneski

Taylor Dean

Taylor is a multi-talented Australian who first started contributing to the Bright Light Cafe when she was only 9 years old. She is now a beautiful 13 year old, who has travelled much of the world with her first creative love - ice skating. Her driving goal is to win gold at the Winter Olympics in 2014. Give yourself a treat and visit Taylor's website to see her winning style on the ice - www.taylordean.com.au

Taylor also loves to draw and write and compose music on the piano. 

Listen to Taylor's music:

Drifting Memories       

Taylor's Music can be heard throughout the Bright Light Cafe
including the following pages:

Gold Ball Fountain,   Red Tulips, SummerWinterLots of Peace,

Our Backyard
Mauritius Sunset,   Happiness,

Nature,   Nature ... a BlissThe Setting Sun

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Denise Marshall   United States
"I listened to your composition along with my narration of Stephen Pray's poetic simplicity, "Nature"; the three of us are an awesome trio, if I do say so myself! Your music added the perfect mood and magic. When I read your bio and learned your age, I was pleasantly amazed! You are very talented, Taylor, and I look forward to hearing many great things from you in the future. And, when I do, I'll proudly declare, "I once worked with Taylor Dean!" Please continue to grow and give joy and pleasure to the world. How fortunate we are to have you in it. Bravo!"

Jennifer Langham   Australia
"An excellent effort - most enjoyable - thank you Taylor"

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Sky Kirkham

Sky is an exciting new composer of experimental music, which beautifully compliments words and art.  He was born in 1981, is 6ft 7" tall, lives in Queensland, Australia and works in the Information Technology industry.  He is the keyboards player in the Progressive Metal band, "Mythology", and has worked as a DJ on Brisbane's community radio, Triple Z.

Listen to Sky's music:

Pretty Thingy


All Systems Go

 Sky's Music can be heard throughout the Bright Light Cafe
including the following pages:

Pink Azalea Kiss   Poinsettias   Central Station  Gold Ball Fountain

  Nature   Nature ... a Bliss   Our Backyard   Dream Beach  

Sunflowers   The Green Star   Rain-Rain Drop Drop 

Meditative Rose  
Lots of Peace   The Unsaid

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Bill   Australia 
"I find this experimental music very interesting indeed. As a 'traditional' muso, I've always been a bit suspect of computer generated music for it's lack of soul, but this guy's stuff has a real haunting quality about it, and displays great potential. Keep going Sky, you've got something there"

Julie   Canada
"pity you don't live in canada. love your music"

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Jim Wisneski

Jim Wisneski is an author, musician, and poet living in Pennsylvania. He is currently writing plenty of short stories, putting the final touches on his first novel, and working on his second novel.

Visit http://www.JimWisneski.com to see some of Jim's writings -
and visit http://www.myjonesmusic.com/code/music/band/3021 to hear Jim's newest album titled THE WORDS.

Listen to Jim's music:

When Love Strikes  


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Jodi MacArthur   United States
"These both are amazing, Jim. Good work! I look forward to more."

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