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The lovely and talented Denise Marshall

Denise Marshall

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The Bright Light Café Presents ...

Denise Marshall

Biography   Photos   Poems   Short Stories   Narration

Denise Marshall

Denise Marshall is a retired legal assistant, part-time entertainer (vocalist, percussionist, dancer and party entertainer) and writer of poetry, short stories in prose and lyrics. She is also a story-teller, as well as story writer.

Denise has lived all her life in the sunshine and blue skies of Georgia, U.S.A. and can think of no other place she'd rather be.  Denise has four children and nine grandchildren, who love and know her as "Nanna".

Denise is a cancer survivor of two years and feels that conquering the illness has inspired her renewed appreciation and love for life, with all its ups and downs, as well as being the stimuli for her interest and passion for writing.  Thankfully, Denise has had no reoccurrence of her life-changing
illness, and has only been left with a desire to share her joy, and talents with the world.

Denise is 52 years young in mind, body and soul, divorced and single right now.  She describes herself as intelligent, funny, laid-back, quick-witted, loving and caring.

From Denise:

"I enjoy life and people, and they seem to enjoy me. There's nothing I would enjoy more than to share an ice cold drink with you out on my screened-in porch and share stories of times gone by!

I have experienced many unusual and interesting things in my lifetime as a Georgia peach, facts stranger than fiction.  I've learned to love, laugh and cry about the unpredictable events of life. 

I have many memories that would make a storyteller proud; many memories of experiences from my childhood to present are what inspired me to become a writer and poet. There is a little of me in every story, and I hope you will enjoy and be enriched by them, too.  The only thing greater than seeing smiles of joy is knowing you made it possible."

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   Gary Mercer

Denise Marshall's Poems  

Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent = narrated

A Quilted Song In Patchwork Harmony 

An Indian Summer Night With Mother Nature   

Bookmarks and Fingerprints 

Cultured Pearls                                                Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent            

I Wonder, Laugh and Realize 

Laughter Is The Greatest Cure-All 

Spring Summer Midnight Collage                         Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent              

Sweet Sound of Laughter in Your Smile               Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent            

The Bloom of a Single Rose                               Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent              

Time, Eyelashes and Bitter Coffee 

Why Do Fools Fall in Love on Television               Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent              

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Gary Mercer

Denise Marshall's Short Stories

A Silver Siren's Finale of Song 

Have a Nice Day!

My Coquette's Suzettes                                     Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent            

Two Kinds of Heroes in the World 

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Denise Marshall's Performances



Sweet Sound of Laughter in Your Smile

Why Do Fools Fall in Love on Television

Spring Summer Midnight Collage

Cultured Pearls

The Bloom of a Single Rose

Nature  by Stephen Pray

Dance  by Stephen Pray

Growing Closer  by Stephen Pray

Early Morn  by Stephen Pray

Moonbeam Love  by Stephen Pray

Difference  by Stephen Pray

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