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Growing Closer
by Stephen Pray
Length: 21 lines

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Voice: Denise Marshall

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Starry Hearts
By B. A. Llewellyn

Growing Closer

Are we growing closer,
As we go on our way?
Are we any nearer to our destiny?
How will we know when it happens?
The final moment we arrive.
When I look into your eyes,
How deep will I fall?
How warm will the thought encompass me?
Will there be the welcome that I seek?
When my hand touches yours,
How big will be the spark?
And what will others see? 
Two strangers in a public place,
Embracing within an embrace.
Smiles wide and deep upon their faces.
One, male, white, and old,
One, female, black, with heart of gold.
Both trying to talk and saying nothing,
Words inadequate unneeded, 
For they know each within the other.
And nothing else will do. 

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Forever Embrace
Photo by
Michelle Cerreto


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