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The Good Stuff
Short Story
Misty Morning

by Alison Pearce
Length: 20 lines

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Misty Morning

Tendrils of mist curling up from the sea
Gentle salt spray caressing my face
Island of solitude beckoning me
Through the mists of time, a peaceful place

Pale sun obscured by a wall of mist
Mournful singing below on the street
Silence palpable, only dreams exist
On the plane between time, we shall meet

A moment of wonder, an eternity of awe
Broken suddenly by a seagullís joyous caw
As far below the waves greet the seashore
I know why Iím here, what I must live for

Mournful tune changes as sunshine breaks through
Lighter and bolder, a symphony of no regrets
Morning mist becomes beads of shining dew
You get what you need, you need what you get

Beauty is found in the mists, in the night
In the depths of despair, beauty surrounds
It lives in the shadows and in the daylight
All around us itís there, waiting to be found

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