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 Today's News (AP-Canv)
Today's News (AP-Canv)
Gamboa, Consuelo
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 Sunday News
Sunday News
Watkins, Anthony
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Bright Light Café Good News

We all need good news … and amazingly enough, there is a lot of it about.

Bright Light Café proudly presents links to good news and a sampling of good news items, for your enjoyment.

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Although I am a typical loner in my daily life,

my consciousness of belonging to the invisible community

of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice

has preserved me from feeling isolated.

Albert Einstein

From "My Credo", for the German League for Human Rights, 1932.

Good News

Bravo, Sir Steven

Steven Spielberg is now a Knight in the French Legion of Honour.

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Brown Snake Anti-Venom

A new anti-venom created by Australian scientists will save the lives of many animals.

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Safe from SARS

A quick spray up the nose and you might soon be safe from SARS.

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Reducing the Gas

Global warming is disturbingly enhanced by the gaseous emissions from sheep and cattle.  Australian scientists might have the solution.

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Good Company + Good Food = Good Time

Good company is an important ingredient in the enjoyment of our food, according to the latest findings of the University of Queensland.

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Car Colours Have a Message

Colour therapists have long known the affect colours have on our personalities.  Now, colour and image consultant Chris Rewell explains how our personalities can affect our choice of car colour.

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China and Good Energy

China could become the leader in protecting the world from greenhouse gas emissions.

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Knowledge is Power

We may soon have vast amounts of scientific knowledge at our fingertips, and on our television sets.

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Cure is Coming

USA's Rockefeller University gives hope to Type 1 diabetes sufferers.

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The Oxygen Cure

100% pure oxygen is helping to save the lives of patients.

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"What a great idea!  We have enough bad news to depress everyone, so it's nice to see someone turning the tables for a change.  I love the good news stories - it shows that there's hope for the world yet.  Congratulations to the writers at the Bright Light Cafe."

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