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The Good Stuff
Love of My Life
by Gary Mercer
Length: 25 lines 

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 Love of My Life

To the love of my life,
Loving you was the best thing that ever happened to me.
You made me believe in life,
in myself,
and, most importantly, in us.

There's nothing better than watching you sleep peacefully at night,
knowing I made love to you until your breathing slowed,
heart rate dropped,
and you drifted off to that beautiful place  
the world where nothing matters  
the world of peace and dreams.

The love of my life stands in the flesh. 
She's not a figment of my imagination.
She's the person I want to explore the world with
the one I want to make love to on a mountaintop.
My love flows like raindrops but, the difference is, my love will never stop.

You're my better half.
You heal my wounds, stimulate my mind, lift my sprits,
Your tender touch brings pleasure upon my body.
I never thought it was possible to love.
My heart was cold but your warmth changed my season.

To the love of my life.
We will stand through the storms together,
And walk through the fires hand in hand,
The greatest thing God created on land
woman and man ...
The love of my life.

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