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The Good Stuff
My Ailing Mother
by Meenu Mehrotra
Length: 39 lines 

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My Ailing Mother

The waves of life
quiver and shiver
Like someone walking on burning embers
The farthest I can see
The closest I want to hold her 
Hope and fear - both are endless
But life prays for life

Everything’s written large 
On her face
A face strife
With the struggles of time
A face washed
With the tides of fatigue
A face scrubbed clean
With despair
Burrows of age stand testimony.
Innumerable tears
Have flown on those crevices
Countless laughters
Have spread on its landscape
But the pain now … is 
Taller than the highest mountain
Deeper than the deepest ocean

I see in her eyes
The dance of death
In all its fury & rage
A deafening noise
A chasm of silence
A cheerless, no—applause dance
Inching her way 
To the land of the unknown …

But I know
The umbilical cord that binds 
Me with her 
Can never be shorn from my being
The dance of death
Can never reach
Where she will remain …
Within me, for me, always …

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 Mother and Daughter
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Kennington, Thomas B.
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