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Short Story
Red Ribbons

by Alison Pearce
Length: 24 lines

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Red Ribbons

Red ribbons in your hair
Edged with gold lace trim
Trailed behind you on the summer breeze
As I watched you dance across the fields

Amongst the wildflowers, your feet flowed
In rhythm with the music of the wind
The vision of your red dress twirling
A picture of loveliness, on my mind imprinted

Red ribbons falling from your braid
Tangling around the hollyhocks
Forgotten as you continue on
Dancing towards the crystal blue loch

I watched as you pirouetted over the sand
You turned and smiled at me
And my heart was filled with love
You were the most beautiful flower Id ever seen

Red ribbons are now clutched in my hand
Faded and brittle with time
Only reminder of that summer day
When you came into my life

Are you dancing on a distant shore?
Or in fields of everlasting flowers?
Are the skies forever blue?
Are you singing in spring showers?

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