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The Good Stuff
Short Story
Flash Fiction Travel

by Jennifer Steffens
Length: 507 words

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Flash Fiction Travel

I press up from my toes, stretch my arms wide, and plunge into the warm caressing water beneath me. I feel my feet brush the smooth floor then allow my body to become lifeless, floating as if one with the natural hot spring. My hair floats around my face, allowing my ears to hear the heartbeats of the boulder-like rocks on the banks of the stream. There is a perpetual thundering noise in charge of the sea life surrounding me, created by the waterfall I just repelled off.

I lay there drifting, with my eyes open to the sky above me. I see flashes of the sun through the enormous trees, with leaves the size of what should be clouds, draping over the spring.

Suddenly, shadows drift over the waterís surface and I view others getting ready to dive into the depths. I notice a little girl with brown hair, bulging eyes, and knees that canít stop shaking as she peers at the drop before her and clings to her father in fright. He is a man of confidence, assuring her with a huge grin to jump in with no fear. I smile at the scene and water seeps into my mouth, reminding me that I donít have gills to stay under this long, so I decide to emerge. When I breathe in air, I hear a shrill scream followed by a wave of water splashed onto my face. I rub my eyes and hear a menacing laugh, coming from a teenage boy who appears to be her brother, at the top of the fall. Swimming on my back to the shore, I laugh as I watch him fall to his knees, cracking up at his successful push.

When I climb ashore, I decide to take the long way back to our hut, since I have yet to explore the other sights of this rainforest.

There is a crackling of branches when I hear monkeys hollering to one another at the highest part of the trees. I long to scale the trees and swing, vine to vine, as they do, so that I could truly see the beauty laid out before me.

I journey on through the rainforest where I smell the fresh pollen of hibiscus flowers, feel the dense moisture of dew, drip onto my forehead from leaves overhead. There are bugs, all sorts of colors of the rainbow, and butterflies fly about with no recognition of the lizards waiting to prey on them for dinner.

I, tentatively, approach the end of my path where I have to cross over a swaying bridge that creaks with every step I take. My heart races with each foot forward because there are wooden planks missing at random. I can jump off waterfalls, but put me on a swaying bridge and my mind is erased of courage.

I finally make it over the bridge, when I see my family preparing our meal for the night. Everyone is relaxed and well. At the table, we dream of staying here forever.

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