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"A Successful Life"
Writing Competition
Highly Commended Winner
I Wish That I Could
Catch Your Laugh
by Narissa Doumani
32 lines

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Voice: Rod Kirkham

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I Wish That I Could Catch Your Laugh

I wish that I could catch your laugh,
Iíd keep it in a box
thatís lined with plush, red velvet,
and bejewelled with sparkling rocks.

On Monday I would open it,
for just a tiny peek.
The happiness it radiates
would last me for the week.

By Tuesday though, believe me,
Iíd be raving-mad insane,
just craving for that magic peal
of laughter once again.

It dances round and round my head,
while through the air it flitters.
With giddy, smitten, vibrant joy,
my beaming heart, it glitters.

I wish that I could catch that laugh,
but every time it slips,
through desperate, clumsy, grasping hands,
and fumbling fingertips.

Though if it lived inside a box,
in darkness it would drown.
And then your precious laughter
would be no more than a frown.

I guess Iíll have to be content
to let some others share
the golden, joyful radiance
it spreads most everywhere.

But if I hear it every day,
although your laugh roams free,
well, thatís the truest measure
of a successful life for me!


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Barbara Foulds    Australia

"I thought this a great poem Narissa, with verses that capture true emotions in an impressive way!"

Ann Beard     New Zealand
"Neat poem"

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