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"True Love"
Writing Competition
2nd Prize Winner
My Old Friend
by Janette Pieloor
19 lines

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Voice: Rod Kirkham

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  My Old Friend 

Beside the glass door she calls to me, my old cat.

An old man growing blind I go to her. Out of habit, 

out of love, for my old friend, I slide open the door. 

She waits there till I come, as she will, for the new owners.

Sheíll call them and they, too, will slide open the door. 

(She goes with the house, I told them.) 

Soon I'll be in the Nursing Home, thinking of her.

I'll hear her, touch her fur - though she won't be there. 

(This, I believe in.)

We've only a little longer... 

When she sits with me, I tell her how privileged

Iíve been, sharing her world. I tell her she'll always 

be in mine; how, when I leave this house, Iíll still 

be with her, that when she walks out the door to the world 

we both knew, she'll take me too: (This, I believe in.) 

To the grass and the trees, the view of the sea from the hill, 

the flowers she rubbed in, my friends the birds. 

(We sometimes fell out over the birds.)

(I can't have her under my feet, they say.)

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The Poet - Janette Pieloor

Janette lives in the ACT, Australia.

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June Parker   United Kingdom
"a beautiful sad poem, echoing many peoples."

Bernadette Rowley   Australia
"Janette perfectly captures the pain and frustration the elderly feel when they must leave their loved pet to enter a Home. Well done!"

robyn Rose   Australia
"this is the best poem in the group. authentic and moving"

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