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Barbara Ann Llewellyn

Barbara Ann Llewellyn's professional entertainment career began in early childhood with her privately owned business career beginning in the late 1970's.

Down to business

Barbara was 16 years old when she began working at her parent's top theatrical agency, Vaude Video, learning accounting and PR skills.  In her mid twenties she was able to revive these skills to help her husband run his successful singing school, The Rod Kirkham School of Singing.

By her late twenties, Barbara and Rod were in partnership with their own business, Lorien Music, creating, producing, hiring, meeting clients and doing the accounts for their very successful jingle and promotional song business.

Barbara and Rod went to Los Angeles in 1984 to promote her songs and Rod's vast vocal talent, landing a short term song writing contract and finding interest for her television series based on life in heaven.

In the 1990's Barbara began designing websites, while also producing and co-hosting personal and corporate seminars, and writing and producing self-development tapes and CDS and books and journals.

The Noughties

In the new millennium, Barbara and Rod branched into online sales and multi-media production, focusing first on their large library of products while also nurturing up-and-coming talent to focus on the positive and improve their skills, in the hope of finding exceptional talent and producing that talent onto CD, electronic download and books.

Barbara creates and maintains, in partnership with her husband, both the Bright Light Multimedia and Bright Light Café websites, while also working constantly on all new Bright Light product, up to and including design, layout and copy.  She also reviews, edits and publishes all incoming Bright Light Café material, decides on talent to be performed and does most of the performances and then edits those performances.  She also heads communication with all talent and the writing of the Bright Light newsletter, "Brilliant!". 

More Information

For information on Barbara's entertainment career, please visit: Barbara Ann Llewellyn

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