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The Pit of The Ex-Boyfriend
by Kathyleen Rivera
Length:  780 words 

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The Pit of the Ex-Boyfriend

Itís been a few weeks now since you parted ways. The reason for your break-up was the same reason you and he got together in the first place - you're a woman, and he's a man!  Luckily your friends were there to aid you through the soggy pillows and empty shot glasses. You hate him, and then hate yourself.  Eventually the anger fades Ö and then you miss the bastard!

For anyone who has loved and was loved in return, the next worse thing to being dumped is actually longing to be with the old oaf again. Especially when the holidays, and special events, start creeping up from behind you. Christmas and Valentineís Day are the dumped-and-singleís worst nightmare. But like all days, they too pass Ö  and eventually you are free again to live your life without the constant taunting of your friends about you being unattached.  You do not despise them for constantly reminding you about such things.  You find them amusing, especially when they begin playing Cupid for you with some hapless guy who only agreed because they owed your friend a favour.  No, they donít bother you at all.

It is when you lie down in your soft bed, alone and thinking.  It is when you begin to miss him that your heart descends to that deadly pit of the ex-boyfriend.  It is then, that you truly begin to fear for yourself the most.

The experience of the pit varies from woman to woman.  But it usually happens as such: everything passes by in your mindís eye like a movie Ö the first time you met, the first hello, the first laugh, the first kiss.  You smile and hug your pillow closer. Memories begin to flood your head, as you recall how sweet things were between the two of you.  And then for a minute or so, you are tempted to call him, or even send him a text message.  Such is the power of temptation, and of loneliness.  But stop right there, girl!

Wasnít he the one who made you cry and suffer unjustly?  Wasnít he the one you caught exchanging glances with a flirty-looking officemate of his?  Didnít you catch him sending a sweet message to a certain ďTammyĒ?  Wasnít he the one you caught making out with a girl in the parking lot?  Didnít he try to turn the story around by saying it was your fault, because you were busy with work and didnít have time for him?  He even used the ďIím only human!Ē line with you.  How dare he!  What a snake!

Yet you thought of forgiving him.  Maybe you made a mistake of breaking up with him?  Maybe you didnít give him enough time?  But then your heart feels like itís being crushed remembering what he did to you.  You cry your eyes out and cringe. You pound your fist on the bed, and choke on your tears. You cry to heaven to take the pain away, like so many times before.

After a while you will start to feel better.  A warm glow casts itís awakening light inside you, even before you start to press your speed dial to his number.  ďHe is not worth it,Ē you say to yourself.  ďIím too much of a woman for him. What he needs is a dumb girl with a big pair of knockers, and a pea-sized brain where he can flush all his inadequacies and immaturity.Ē  You hope he gets what he deserves.

Before long, you realize that you have climbed out of the pit of your ex-boyfriend. You are reborn and, like the phoenix, live and love another day with more radiance and beauty.  He doesnít matter anymore.  He has become a fleeting memory, just another story to tell your future kids someday.  Then you nod off and sleep soundly, dreaming of a faceless man making love to you, and sharing your life in fidelity, love, respect and trust.

The ex-boyfriend can teach us a lot about ourselves, and what we become when we fall in love.  The hardest part is letting go when it is over.  Iíd rather be with a faceless man in my dreams, than be in the arms of a treacherous snake in real life.  Finding the right man is a lesson in trial and error.  We can never forget the ex-boyfriend, but we must refuse to succumb to his temptation of return.  There are other places we can find love.  Not just in men, but in other hearts.  All we have to do is have faith in love and, almost always, true love finds its way to us in its own time and place.

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Wedding Kiss (AP-Canv)
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anna liza   Philippines
"thank u for that article,it really enlightened me,ex boyfriend must be dumped.I can find someone better than him who will give me importance."

Anna    Australia
I just read your short story, it was like you were inside my head. Sometimes when your in that dark and lonley pit you just need someone to snap you out of it. Thanks, your right he so doesn't deserve me and I will find true love in all its many forms. 
Great story, you really do have an very readable style with your writing.

arvee     Philippines
"great work! i can so relate!"

arvee     Philippines
"very nice kathy! kudos!"

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