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The Good Stuff
Short Story
Halloween Snapshots (iv)

by Susan Palmer
Length: 38 lines

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Halloween 2008

Halloween night it’s sure to rain,
Or snow.
Anyway, it will be dark and scary.
We hope.

It is the only night of the year
When “Ugh, Gross!” is a compliment.
The only holiday
Our pastor has nothing to say about.
The only holiday we don’t get out of school.

The whining starts in mid-October.
“Mom, all the kids have buck teeth.
Mom, all the kids are wearing torn eyeballs.
Mom, witches don’t wear sneakers.”

But that night there is no whining.
Instead, there is mother- fussing
“John, don’t get blood on the carpet.
“Mary, quick picking at those scars.”
“Sam, quit eating all the worms.”
“Now, Mike, if you fall down,
Just keep yelling until someone picks you up.
Do you really have to be a box of cereal?”
“I don’t care. This witch is going to wear a jacket.”

The only night when grownups
Are expected to act like kids.
When kids can be anything, even bad things.
When candy is allowed without asking.
When people dump their heads underwater
Chasing apples for fun.
When food is made scary.

The only night when it is
Absolutely essential for a teenager
To be ugly.
Or ostentatious.

Get out the glitter.
Get out the makeup,
Get out the gore.
A party is going on outdoors,
All over America.

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