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The Good Stuff
I Will Be
By Kathyleen Rivera
Length: 18 lines

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Voice: Barbara Llewellyn

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I Will Be

Whenever you are lonely, I値l sing you a song
Whenever you are crying, I値l be there when you call
Whenever you feel weak, here痴 my strength
Whenever you need comfort, my arms are here to hold you
Whenever you are blue, I値l be the sunshine to you
Whenever you just need to talk, I知 all ears for you
Whenever you池e in trouble, I値l be standing by your side
All those things, I知 ready to do
I will be the friend to you

If you need a shoulder to cry on, I値l give you mine
If you need to sleep, try my lullaby
If you are hungry, we値l eat together
If you want to reminisce, let us both remember
If your stomach aches, I値l be the pill to take away the pain
If you want some sweets, I値l be your candy cane
If he ever leaves you behind, voodoo is the trick
All these things, both old and new
I will be the friend to you.


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