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The Good Stuff
Short Story
by Kerry Lown Whalen
Length: 2,932 words

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Speaking of Love - positive and uplifting short stories and poems about Romance, Marriage and True Love.

- Speaking of Love -
positive and uplifting
short stories and poems about
Romance, Marriage and true Love.

If you're in love with love,
then join the club -
everyone who wants a brighter day and a brighter world belongs to the exact same club
and we're all looking for ways to make our hearts sing and our eyes shine.

LUCKY for us, Speaking of Love
manages to do both.
Give yourself,
or someone you care about,
a real treat and read
Speaking of Love
You deserve it.
You deserve to feel wonderful.
You deserve
to feel wonderful right now.

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Letters to Michael - Some people have to die to discover what life is all about.

Sometimes Heaven isn't all it's
hyped up to be and sometimes
it's even better.

Two members of the same family die in a tragic accident
but they have very different
experiences of the Afterlife.

Some people have to die
to discover what life is all about.

Prepare to cry and laugh out loud
and feel good all over.

"thoroughly entertaining"

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Married and Loving It! How to have a seriously happy marriage. The authors of Married and Loving It have been married for over three decades and give you wise and easy-to-follow advice about the sometimes rocky road of love.

- Married and Loving It -
How to have a
seriously happy marriage

The #1 handbook on how to live a long and happy life together.

If you want to have
your very own "happy ever after"
then you need the help of those who have successfully travelled the sometimes rocky road of love.

The authors of
Married and Loving It!
have been married for over
three decades
and want to share with you
their expert experience
in the ways to make your love
last a lifetime.

This compassionate and caring couple  give you wise and easy-to-follow advice about the sometimes rocky road of love, helping you to make your relationship smoother and consistently enjoyable.

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- True Love -
songs of love.

Rod Kirkham has been beloved
by Australian audiences for many
decades and he now shares
the great beauty of his lilting and melodic voice with the world.

In True Love he sings
four original songs
all celebrating the glory of love, creating the perfect romantic mood. All you need to do now is open the champers, get out the chocolates and rejoice in an evening of pleasure.

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13 Myths that Murder Marriage CD Cover - don't let them kill your love.

Don't let the 13 Myths that
Murder Marriage destroy
your happiness.
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Deep Relaxation & My Place of Tranquillity CD

Conquer Stress
Deep Relaxation
and your own inner
Place of Tranquillity

- Audio sample -

My Place of Tranquillity

- Audio sample - 

Deep Relaxation

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This delightful and enchanting story was chosen to appear in Bright Light Multimedia's latest anthology,

Speaking of Love”.

For your pleasure and perusal, we present an extract from ...


"Can you meet me at lunchtime, Emma? It's important."

"Love to. See you at the usual place."

Emma sat on the park bench waiting for Brad, enjoying the fragrant pink and white carnation display, the dappled patterns of swaying gums on the path. Why did Brad want to see her? The phone call came as a surprise but, after being together for three years, perhaps he wanted to pop the question.

Brad strode over, grim-faced, his eyes evading hers, and flung himself down beside her.

"I’m sorry, Emma, but it’s over."

She flinched, "What’s over?"

"Our relationship."


"I’ve met someone I want to marry."

Emma’s heart sank. It couldn’t be true. She watched Brad’s lips move but couldn’t make sense of his words. How could their relationship be over? He loved her. There’d been no arguments, nothing to suggest anything was wrong. But one look at the determined set of his jaw told her nothing would change his mind. Dazed, she stumbled back to the office.

Brad’s heartlessness occupied her mind all afternoon as she sat at her desk, contemplating the stack of files to be processed. She lifted a file off the top, opened it and read the correspondence, but could not absorb it.

Over the dinner table, she broke the news to her parents.

Her father rested his cutlery on his plate. "Who’s the girl?"

"I don’t know. I didn’t ask."

Her mother shook her head. "I thought Brad was ready to commit."

"So did I."

Emma tossed about in bed, thinking of Brad and his stony-faced refusal to meet her eyes. Tears flowed down her cheeks and spread onto her pillow. No matter how she tried, she couldn’t accept he loved someone else.

At work the next day, she told Philly.

"That’s awful, Emma," Philly pursed her lips, "But these things happen. You’ll get over it."

Emma's lip trembled, "I don’t know if I will." She lifted a file from the stack, "And I can’t concentrate on my work."

Philly touched her arm, "I’m going home to Arcadia this weekend. Like to come?"

The complete story can now be found in Bright Light Multimedia’s latest publication
Speaking of Love

- positive and uplifting short stories and poems about romance, marriage and true love -

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Speaking of Love - positive and uplifting short stories and poems about Romance, Marriage and True Love.

Editor: "Arcadia" is a wonderful story – in fact, we like it so much, we chose it to go into our book about the joys and wonder of love – “Speaking of Love”. If you know someone who enjoys feeling good all over, then this is the perfect present for them. Remember you deserve to feel happy too. Why not give yourself the gift that keeps on giving – “Speaking of Love”.

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Sacred Love by Barbara Ann Llewellyn

Sacred Love
by B.A. Llewellyn


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Anne Barre   Australia
"An inspirational and happy love story with playful description of Arcadia and its atmosphere. What a talented author and friend!"

Kathy   Australia
"A great story! Nicely paced and beautifully written. I'm glad Emma found her true love."

Janice   Australia
"Congratulations on a feel good, beautifully & simply written short story."

Vicki   Australia
"A lovely way to start the day."

Anne Herron
"Wonderful story , well done."

John & Judith Cornish
"An excellent story, well-developed,kept us reading, beautifully written."

Kristen McAuslan   Australia
"A lovely story with a happy ending! I really enjoyed reading it, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside."

Julia Jones   Spain
"Really enjoyed a feel good story"

Paul Harvard   Australia
"I felt happy and uplifted. It also made me feel optomistic."

Judy Hamm   Australia
"Brilliant short story. Great characterism"

Robyn   Australia
"Enjoyed Arcadia very much. I have such a talented friend!"

Leone Barnes   Australia
"A delight to read."

Lorraine   Australia
"Nice read- well written."

Wendy Lown   Australia
"I liked this story. It avoided being "gushy", the prose was compact and the message uplifting."

 Madonna Hooper   Australia
"This was a sweet read and a sweet story. Had me hooked and hoping for a happy ending so I was well rewarded. I loved the descriptions of Arcadia, felt I was there. Thanks for brightening my day!"

Kylie Peppinck   Australia
"I love escapism"

Pauline Behrendorff   Australia
"Easy read. Tender,clean,love story set in a peaceful place, Goodness overcomes."

Gillian Chapman   Australia
"Interesting, bubbly 'young person's' romantic short story."

Fran Smith   Australia
"Delightful romance. The graphic descriptions throughout the story were wonderfully visual, painting each setting beautifully. Enjoyable."

Toni  Nixon   Australia
"Love a good romance. It's a great little story and just goes to show that, ultimately, true love reigns supreme. To all the girls out there, bide your time and hang out for the right one!"

Marilyn Gay   Australia
"What a lovely read. Well written, happy story not overdone. Very enjoyable."

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