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"True Love"
Writing Competition
3rd Prize Winner
Mother and Child
by Meenu Mehrotra
45 lines

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Time: 2.14 minutes


Voice: Barbara Llewellyn

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Mother and Child

She caresses him
With her warm eyes
Relishing the softness
Of his tender skin
She drinks the very sight
Of his slender, infant body
She holds him close
To her breasts
Enveloping him with
All the snugness she can exude

His fragile hands
His eyes closed
Peace on his face
Unmindful of the madness of this world
A tiny bundle
Of her love
A miracle
A marvel.
Gift of god
A child is born
To a mother
Born out of the recesses
Of her own being
Nourished by the throbs
Of her own heartbeats
Cradled by the
Intangible web of her own dreams
A child is born
To a mother

Raising an ordinary mortal
To the cult of a mother

She looks at him
Again and again
Savouring the beautiful wisp of life
Who has come through her

The feelings surmount
“I am a mother”
She wants to scream
And tell the whole world
Nothing else matters
Pride glistens in her eyes

“me and my child are the universe”
“now & ever”

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The Poet - Meenu Mehrotra

Meenu lives in Haryana, India.  She enjoys fiction writing and is presently writing her first novel.

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Shelly Wiseberg   Canada
"A wonderful heartfelt and lovely poem about being a mother and the bond between mother and child, a great write.
You are a very talented writer!"

Ravi Bedi   India
"Very tender and full of emotions. As a tribute, I will send a picture of my painting title 'Mother and Daughter' to BrightLight the next time. I am sure it will refresh your tender feelings about mother and child. Happy new year."

Vinett Mehrotra   India
"The poem is exceptionally written in very heart rending, extremely touching, filled with emotions very true to life and with whom one can really relate"

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