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Bright Light Café Anecdotes

(An anecdote is a short account of a (usually biographical) incident, 
often denoting and displaying the inherent personality of the character being observed.)

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Unseen Magic 

At the time of the movie’s release, the world buzzed with stories of unusual occurrences during the actual filming of the movie on that sacred and majestic rock.  The stories of stopped watches on set and a feeling of an unknown presence watching everything that occurred were commonplace, but the story I like best is the one Anne Lambert (who portrayed Miranda) told me personally.  As far as I am aware, only a small select group of people have ever heard of this tale … until now. 
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Dr Who's Magic     

Tom Baker was the 4th actor to portray the eccentric and totally lovable Dr Who in the BBC series of the same name.   His characterisation of the famous Time-Lord was bigger than life and made him one of the most popular Dr Whos of all time. ...
As Dr Who, Tom is seen as a hero by many generations, but perhaps not so well known is his quiet generosity in real life, as illustrated in a delightful story told by Robert Llewellyn (Kyrton in Red Dwarf).
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Chop Suey Sweetness  

It was a Saturday afternoon in the 1960’s and the Merchant of Venice was playing in the Brisbane City Town Hall to a packed audience of high school students and their teachers. The actors were all from the Petrie Terrace amateur theatrical group. I had brought my nine year old sister along to watch the play whilst I was working in the wings controlling the stage lights. 
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French Blood    

The late Harold Macmillan was Prime Minister of Britain from 1957 to 1953.  His grandson tells this fascinating anecdote of problems behind the public scenes.
“As a young man, I had the privilege of watching some of the great post-war politicians from close quarters when they visited my late Grandfather at his residence in Sussex. One of these was the late General de Gaulle.
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Is It Mine?  

Lord Nuffield was born William Richard Morris in 1877 and is chiefly remembered as the founder of the highly successful British car company Morris Motors, which once manufactured half the cars sold in the UK.  William Morris was therefore an extremely wealthy man.   He was also a very modest and generous man who gave more than thirty million pounds away to charity. 
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Do I Know You?  

In ancient Iraq, a scholar and wise man by the name of Wahab bin Amr turned himself into a wise fool, knowing that his insanity would protect him from persecution.  He became known as Bahlool, the idiot and hero of folklore, forever revealing the underlying truth in various social situations.   A very pertinent anecdote featuring Bahlool and his feelings on the subject of war goes something like this ...
A cruel and foolish king wished to amuse himself by watching Bahlool in combat, even though it was well known that Bahlool was a hopeless fighter.  Bahlool pleaded for his life but soon realised that there was no escape from his ruler’s desire for amusement, so Bahlool asked for a last meal that was both scrumptious and plentiful.
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That's Showbiz 

Michael Caine was sharing dinner with fellow actor, Terence Stamp, at a fashionable private show-business hangout called “Pickwick” when he received word that the film producer Harry Saltzman was also there and would appreciate the actor stopping by his table.  
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The Pantomime Witch 

... The witch was wonderfully evil, delighting in her depravity with a gloriously ugly cackle for a laugh.  The children in the audience should have been terrified of her … but for some reason, children actually wanted to walk up on the stage and hold the actress’s hand or give her a hug.
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And in the end ...

The very last songs ever recorded by The Beatles were the medley on Side B of Abbey Road.  “The songs are Golden Slumbers”, “Carry That Weight” and “The End”.  If you have listened to the album, you will know that after “The End’, there is a significant pause then the whimsical ditty “Her Majesty’s a Pretty Nice Girl” starts playing.
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Did I Write That? 

Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett were “The Two Ronnies” on the extremely popular BBC comedy show, which ran from 1971 to 1987.  They had started working together on “The Frost Report” in 1966, and discovered they shared a very similar sense of humour.
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Peter Pan Doesn't Do That! 

In the stage version of Peter Pan, the lead character is usually portrayed by a female actress.  The original Peter was Maude Adams, a dear friend of the writer, James Barrie.  Another actress, Pauline Chase, played a small part in the original production, then understudied the lead role, which had been taken over by Cissie Loftus, when the successful show went touring.
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When is a Mayor, a Mare? 

The Baroness Trumpington of Sandwich, in the County of Kent, England, is Jean Alys Barker who was also the Minister of State in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food from 1989 to 1992.  She was sixty-nine at the time, which gives her the record for being the eldest female minister in British Parliament.  The Baroness displays a delightful sense of humour, as she recounts this experience from her past …
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Buster Keaton Treasure  

Buster Keaton, silent-movie star and comic genius, was once extremely popular and extremely rich.  He owned a beautiful mansion in Hollywood, filled with secret tunnels and secret treasures.
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Julie Andrews and The Helicopter 

During the filming of “Sound of Music”, when the title song was being filmed, Julie Andrews was taken by helicopter and stranded, on her own, on top the beautiful mountain we all remember.
The helicopter then proceeded to fly towards, and over, Julie as she sang “The Sound of Music”, with a cameraman filming her as she walked across the beautiful grass-soaked mountaintop.  The scenery is spectacular, Julie looks great, everything went exceedingly well … except for one small thing.
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Jim regularly dreamt of an old stone and thatched roof house, set in a beautiful, green valley.  In his dream, Jim would open the front door and walk into his dream house, searching through every room and always ending in the study, never finding what he was looking for.  He always awoke feeling lost and lonely, and wondering about the meaning of his dream.
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Save Tinkerbell

Finding Neverland is a fine film starring Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Dustin Hoffman and Julie Christie.  It is based upon true-life events in the life of J. M. Barrie and his creation of “Peter Pan”.  However, dramatic license was taken in several areas.
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Dante's Ghost 

Florentine poet Dante Alighieri wrote his Divine Comedy in the thirteenth-century.  Ironically the last 13 cantos of this tale of heaven and hell where retrieved after Dante’s death because of a visit to Dante’s son by the ghost of his father.
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I could use that!

Actors and writers share many commonalities, not the least of them being a consistent awareness of experiences as potentially useful for their creative endeavours.
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Bronte or Bell?

In 1846, the three Bronte sisters published a volume of their poems.  The following year, Charlotte’s “Jane Eyre and Anne’s “Agnes Grey” were published, and Emily’s “Wuthering Heights” was accepted and awaiting publication.
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Lucky Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl was a 26 year old veteran of World War 2 when he was invalided home, then sent to Washington DC, as an Assistant Air Attaché.  Roald found himself with a lot of spare time, and equal amount of boredom, when he met C. S. Forester, author of the Horatio Hornblower tales.
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Martini and Murder 

“We’re having a drink,” said Frank, “because it’s ‘tini time.”

“But, Mr Sinatra,” protested the assistant director, “we are behind schedule and we need to make up time.”

“How far behind are we?” asked Frank.

“Two weeks,” answered the assistant director.
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Gary Larson's Angels   Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

Gary Larson is the creator of the hilarious cartoon series “The Far Side”, but he was not always celebrated and successful.  He once worked in a job he despised, only dreaming of “what could be”.  Eventually Gary’s desire for a more fulfilling life overcame his concerns for security.
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Shoot the Ferris Wheel  

Some Came Running was written by James Jones, who also authored From Here to Eternity.  Both From Here to Eternity and Some Came Running were turned into successful films, starring Frank Sinatra.  From Here to Eternity was directed by Fred Zinnermann, who Frank Sinatra admired.  Some Came Running was directed by Vincente Minnelli, who Frank did not admire.
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Courage and Coincidence   Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

Gary Larson, the creator of the cartoon series “The Far Side”, was only earning $3 a cartoon when he first entered his chosen field.  He felt very lucky when he was given a regular stint with the Seattle Times, earning $15 a cartoon.
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John Keats, Joseph Severn and Death  

John Keats spent the final days of his short life in Rome with his friend, Joseph Severn.  It had been hoped that the sunny weather of Italy might have a beneficial affect upon Keats's health.  Keats, however, was destined to die in the same way as his mother and brother – with consumption.
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John Keats and Fanny Brawne    Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent

John Keats, the poet, died of tuberculosis in 1821, in Rome.  He had left the passion of his life, Fanny Brawne, and his closest friends behind in England.   Fanny was particularly devastated by her fiancé’s loss at such a distance and wrote this moving letter to John Keats sister, who was also called Fanny ...
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King and Queen Washington 

It is just as well George and Martha Washington were humble, good people, otherwise America would now be a royalist country, hailing the King or Queen directly descended from The Washington genetic line.
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Stamped with Honour 

George V had hoped his elder brother, Albert, would be king, and let him live a quieter, saner life, but the fates decreed otherwise.  Albert died in 1892, making George the heir apparent.  Upon the death of his father, Edward V11, in 1910, George became King of England.
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Ode to Freedom's Joy    

December is the time of year when many of us have the chance to listen to our local city choir singing “Ode to Joy”.   It is an inspiring and uplifting piece, which is perhaps made even more inspirational by knowing that the original title and words were “Ode to Freedom”.
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Must Have Slept Through That Bit!!   

Howard Harks was the director of the Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall movie, “The Big Sleep”.  He liked the script except for one small concern - Howard couldn’t figure out who had killed a certain character in the film.
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Ghandi's Wisdom   

One famous story of Ghandi’s wisdom is set in 1947.  A fellow countryman, who was seeking solace and redemption, approached Ghandi.  The man had killed a child!
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Alexander the Great's Dreams      

Dreams were once taken very seriously, with many people believing in their prophetic possibilities.  Alexander the Great certainly believed in his dreams, and with good reason.
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Udder Tell the Time    

Richard Whiteley is a well known personality on English television.  He tells this delightful anecdote about an interview he conducted, when he was a young TV reporter, with a farmer on the wilder uplands of Wensleydale.
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King George V1 and a Special Occasion

King George V1 of England toured Canada before the Second World War.  At one of the stops along the way, he noticed the local mayor was not wearing a mayoral chain.
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James Mason and Clarissa Kaye

James Mason was in Australia, filming Age of Consent, when he met his wife-to-be, Clarissa Kaye.
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It Wasn't Me! 

Charles Lamb was a successful writer and critic, who wrote an extremely unsuccessful stage play.
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Stealing My Thunder     

Every wondered where and how the phrase "stealing my thunder" originated?
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Grace Kelly & Adventure

Grace Kelly was already a star but she was still new to movies, and great adventures. ...
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Grace Kelly &The Lion

... Clark Gable returned from filming one day, to discover Grace Kelly had wandered away from the hotel.
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Harpo Marx & The Bedtime Story

Harpo and his wife, Susan, adopted four children ...
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Harpo Marx & One More 

Harpo and Susan Marx were dining with their good friends, Gracie Allen and George Burns. ... 
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T. Roosevelt, Jr

... Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. answered, "It's a matter of rank ...
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