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The Good Stuff
Sheryl Llorente
Length: 66 lines

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Voice: Barbara Llewellyn

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I lie awake
in this quiet room
how it came to be
that you found me
just in time
when my life
was a total mess
and I needed someone
to save me.

you amaze me
by the sincerity
of your love
and the truthfulness
in your eyes
when you look at me
as if you've never beheld
such a wondrous sight.

You give me courage
to face each new day
without fear
of losing my sanity.
Your love strengthens
my very soul,
its intensity
moves me like no other.

My heart bursts with love
at the very thought of you.
My eyes glisten 
with a happiness
I never thought to contain.
My lips burn
with a passion
so rapturously sweet
it ignites me
to my very core.

I will swim
in the sea 
of your love.
I will walk 
the passion-filled 
shores of desire
as our hearts
beat to the rhythm
of its raging waves
with a fierceness
so great
it overwhelms
with every surge.

I will hold you
in the depths 
of my heart.
I will cherish
each smile,
each embrace
you give.

Your love
keeps me alive
and everyday
it sustains me.

I shall never want 
for more.

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Cairns, Sally Ray
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