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"Yesterday Was Wednesday"


Story by by Christine Tothill
Voice: Barbara Llewellyn

 "Pretty Thing"


Written & performed 
by Sky

"Filling the World with Love" 

Meditation by B.A. Llewellyn
Voice: Barbara Llewellyn

Deep Relaxation & My Place of Tranquillity CD

Conquer Stress
Deep Relaxation
and your own inner
Place of Tranquillity

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Rajasthani Town by Ravi Bedi

Rajasthani Town
(Oil on Canvas)
by Ravi Bedi

How to use this page:

Meditate upon the painting while listening to your choice of poem, story, visualisation, exercise and/or music.  Multiple sound bites can be listened to at the same time so feel free to create your own entertainment by mixing the music or breathing exercise with your choice of poem, story or mediation ... or just soak in the silence while soaking in the beauty of the art. 
You Choose.

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"What Life Is"


Poem by Dr. Tholana  
Ashok Chakravarthy

Voice: Barbara Llewellyn

"Drifting Memories"


Written & performed by
Taylor Dean (aged 9)

"A Rose from the Concrete"


Poem by Stephen Pray
Voice: Stephen Pray

Making Decision & Future Choices CD

It's easy to
look into the future
make the right decisions,
by accessing your own
Higher Consciousness.

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