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Let Your Talent Shine!

Shine Your Light!

Do you want your talent showcased to the world for Free.
Artists, Musicians
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Deep Relaxation & My Place of Tranquillity CD

Conquer Stress
Deep Relaxation
and your own inner
Place of Tranquillity

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My Place of Tranquillity

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Deep Relaxation

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Breathing Deeply CD - your own personal coach

Breathing Deeply
is the natural and simple path to happiness.
Breathing Deeply

promotes confidence,
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Making Decision & Future Choices CD

It's easy to
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Higher Consciousness.

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Making Decisions

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Future Choices

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Letters to Michael - a visionary novel

The Afterlife
can be Heaven or Hell,
depending on your point of view
as two members of the
same family discover when
they both experience death.
"A thoroughly good read"

Prepare to cry and laugh out loud
and feel good all over.

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Parenting Myself & Unconditional Love - Love Starts Here

You can now have
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With Parenting Myself
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You have a choice when you have The Second Trigger!

Stop your negative buttons being pushed.
When it's time
for a better life,
it's time for
The Second Trigger

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Multimedia - Art 

Bright Light Artists

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Mix & Match

Look, Listen, Add Music,
Let the Art melt in with the silence  ... or the sounds.
individually, coupled together, 
or all at once ...

You Choose ... and Enjoy!

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Bright Light Artists

A Tribute to Jenny  by Michelle Cerreto  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx3  Music

A love this deep can survive anything ... even death.  Michelle is a powerful Australian photographer who has captured the depth of love of her good friends, Tony and Jenny.  Unfortunately, Jenny has passed over, but her memory and her beauty will live on forever with these heart-felt creations.
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Cafe by Christopher Woods Cafe by Christopher Woods   Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx4   Musicx2 

Welcome into the warmth of the Cafe, a wonderful place to sit down, have a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and listen to fun stories and poems and music and meditations. There's so something so inviting about this simple sign. Have fun.
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Central Station  by Chris Bennett   Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx2   Musicx2 

We've all been there ... heading home from work after a long and tiring day ... a blur of movement, a moment in time, a wash of beauty ... a very talented young Australian artist.
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  Cleansing by Caroline Stevenson  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent   Musicx2 

A true work of art by both Mother Nature and the photographer, make this magnificent moment in time a glory for us all to witness, and feel cleansed by the contact
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Ganges Buildings  by Chris Bennett  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx2   Musicx2

The romance of India and its mystical river are reflected in the harmonious merging of colours in this latest piece of artistic beauty from Bright Lighter Chris Bennett.
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Gold Ball Fountain  by Brenda & Brad Murphy    Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx5   Musicx3

Nestled in bouquets of flowers, this sparkling golden ball fountain brings good feng shui with its shining beauty.
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 Her Window by Christopher Woods Her Window by Christopher Woods    Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx4  Musicx2

From the healthy single flower welcoming you to the beautiful colours surrounding the opening into another world - the very private world of a gentle, feminine spirit. Perhaps life through a  window is like life through a looking glass - unknown, brimming over with possibilities and totally different what we experience on a daily basis.
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Kites_Resized.jpg (33884 bytes) Kites 1  by Ravi Bedi   Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx4   Musicx2  

A deep merging of rich hues, flying into the night, bringing flight and freedom.  The sky may be dark but the moon is shining on a carnival of colour, lightening our hearts, captivating our minds.  
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  Letters to Michael (Front cover design for new novel)  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx2   Musicx1 

Derived from photographs by Michael Knight ("Angel") & David Higbee ("Sunny Clouds"), the front cover design for the inspirational visionary novel "Letters to Michael" is a gentle blending of miracle light and angelic presence.
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Mauritius Sunset  by Vinay Goyal    Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx4   Musicx2 

Sit by the sea and watch the sun set on another beautiful day, with this beautiful photo from the talented Vinay Goyal.  Vinay is the husband of another member of the Bright Light Creative Family - Shanu Goyal.  Vinay's art attenuates her poem - The Setting Sun ... and her poem adds further beauty to his art. 
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Nature's Smile - Unknown Photographer Nature's Smile by Unknown Photographer  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx5   Musicx1  

An amazing, miraculous moment in time that gives us all a reminder about just how incredibly beautiful Mum Nature really is - she sure does have a beautiful smile.  Give yourself a treat!
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Our Backyard  by B. A. Llewellyn     Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx4  Musicx2  

Reality touched with fantasy creates a refreshing and relaxing scene by our versatile and prolific resident creator.
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Pink Azalea Kiss  by Brenda & Brad Murphy    Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx3   Musicx3

A happy splash of pink kissing our hearts as these azaleas greet the day.  Brenda and Brad give us the beauty of their own garden, with photo and graphic art merged for our greater enjoyment.
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Poinsettias  by Brenda & Brad Murphy  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx4   Musicx2

What a passionate red! What a glorious display.  Feel like a floral pick-me-up?  You'll find it here.
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Sacred Love by Barbara Ann Llewellyn Sacred Love by B. A. Llewellyn     Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx6  

Love is the most joyous and sacred of feelings.  Too find your true love is the most magical experience, every day for the rest of your life.
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Rajasthani Town   by Ravi Bedi   Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx4   Musicx2  

Jumbled buildings squashed into a brightly coloured jigsaw of colours, reminiscent of gaily clad women rubbing shoulders at a vibrantly packed market.
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Red Tulips  by Michelle Ceretto  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx2   Musicx2

Michelle delights us with the bright, light happiness of red tulips at the Bowral Tulip Festival.  She seems to capture the clean air and crisp day along with the vibrant colour.
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Seven_Flowers_-_peach_backgroundCrop.jpg (30027 bytes)  Seven Flowers - peach background - by Ravi Bedi  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx9   Musicx2

A delightful mixture of soothing colours, beautiful flowers and fine talent create a gentle and serene oil painting that is sure to delight. 
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The Kiss  by Bright Light Multimedia  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx7   Musicx2

Love is always beautiful.  True Love shines through hair and shadows, and makes the world glow.
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The_Ruins_of_a_Fort__Oil_on_Canvas__23x35in.jpg (47320 bytes) The Ruins of a Fort  by Ravi Bedi   Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx4   Musicx2  

The night is dark but the moon is full and the old ruins pulsate with coloured memories bringing back to life the vibrancy of long lost times, drawing us into the forgotten stories of bricks and clay and heroic last moments. 
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The Sun, The Rocks, The Sea by Ravi Bedi  The Sun, the Rock, the Sea by Ravi Bedi   Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx7   Musicx2

Surrounded by sound bites supporting the calming flow of this beautiful original oil painting, Ravi's vision of the sea becomes a relaxing meditational point for us all.
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The Trees by Ravi Bedi  The Trees - by Ravi Bedi  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx4   Musicx2  

Welcome to a magical grove of trees, flaming with morning's first light or shimmering with the moon's gentle kisses - a tranquil setting for a meditation and an inspiring setting for poems, stories and music.
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The Two Women by Ravi Bedi  The Two Women - by Ravi Bedi  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx4   Musicx2  

Beautiful young women and men surround us and deserve our attention and admiration, for physical youth is so fleeting.  All ages deserve our praise but the less years we carry, the more fragile and precious we are.  We may wander through life only half seeing so much glory, not taking the time to absorb all the beauty and unspoken messages, but youth is not wasted on the young, as Oscar Wilde once proclaimed, youth lives on in our ability to see and express its essence. 
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Train  by Chris Bennett  Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talentx3   Musicx2  

A dreamy and fascinating 3 in 1, or 1 in 3 painting by our own Bright Lighter.  Chris is only 23 years old ... a very talented young Australian artist.
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You Plus Me Equals Love  by B. A. Llewellyn   Speaker broadcasting Showcased Talent Music

A simple use of symbols, and a deep understanding of human beings makes this art piece a delight for the heart and soul.
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